Carole Ravier en Particulier

- Facial beauty -

Personalized skin care with Phyt's cosmetics line,natural and organic 100%, that respects the skin's biorhythms.

Our skin is a living organ,it breathes and eliminates toxins accordind to weather conditions and our lifestyle. That's why, I bring a particular attention on cutaneous tissues and on blood circulation with a specific facial massage that I developed over time.

The Present Moment

Moisturizing, Purifying, Toning

The Classic

Facial skincare Equilibre - 45 minutes

For all skin type.

Care balancing the seborrhoea and consequently the hydration.It clears up the complexion and detoxifies.

The Sophiticated

Facial skincare Energie Vitale - 55 minutes

For devitalized mat skins.

it oxygenates and refreshes the complexion. Anti-ageing and brightness.

Facialskincare D'O - 55 minutes

For apathetic oily or combination skins.

Anti-ageing and toning up.

Facial skincare Oligo-Vital - 55 minutes

For dry, dehydrated, demineralized skins, premature wrinkles.

Anti-ageing and nourishing.

The Facial Skincare in 3 dimensions

The Eternal Youthful of Glacier - 75 minutes

For mature skins, apathetic, dehydrated in depth or very marked by the fatigue.

A powerfully anti-ageing facial combining manual techniques and powerful active ingredients. 
The  complexion is radiant, the face is profoundly smoothed, serene and the face's muscles loose stress (big  precursor of wrinkles).

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