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- Body serenity -

Massage can open the path to self discovery, revealing what inner peace and pleasure of a body able to breathe and move freely.

All these massages are not therapeutic aim.

The Eclipsée

55 minutes

This personalized massage has a global action on the physical, energetic and emotional; various manual technics combined with acupressure points will provide a depth relaxation, harmonization of energy flows, a better muscles flexibility and a deep relaxation of nervous and muscular tension.

Lymphatic drainage

55 minutes

This gentle and rythmic massage allows deep cleaning of subcutaneous tissues, stimulation of the immune system, improving water retention and heavy legs problems.


45 or 55 minutes

The foot is a real map of all organs and body systems.The pressure of specific point on the reflex zones reduces stress and tension, detoxifies, improves blood and lymphatic circulations and restores the harmony of all body functions. A feeling of WELL-BEING and LIGHTNESS thanks to instant relaxation.

Ayurvedic back massage 

45 minutes

This massage is an alternation of slow and deep movements then fast and intense movements.It calms and releases the tensions due to the stress, it mobilizes the energy, it strenghens the flexibility of the back, it tones up the global nature of the body.

The Soin des Alpes

55 minutes

This massage uses 2 oriental techniques: shiatsu and traditionnal thaÏ; it is done clothed and on a futon. A skillful mix of pressure on the energy points, a gentle stretching, the mobilizations joint, the flexibilities will give birth to a fluidity improving circulation, relieving tensions and stiffness, calming mind.We feel DEEPLY RELAXED and REVITALIZED.

Massage 30 minutes

One or two parts of body are handled.

Massage 45 minutes

All body or three or two parts are handled

Specific massage for pregnant women

Body beauty

lukewarm wax and disposable strips

Full legs, half-leg, under arm, bikini, face, eyebrows, upper lip, arms

Hands and Feet Beauty

Simple hands beauty with or without nail polish (1h - 1h15)
Simple feet beauty with or without nail polish (1h15 - 1h30)


Make-up in the day time
Make-up in the more sophisticated evening
Make-up Bride to sublimate a particular day eveything in color and lightness

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